Images by Johanna

Popular artist and illustrator, Johanna would love to preserve your memories by making a custom pencil portrait drawing for you from an existing picture or photo. She can also personalize wedding memorabilia, and create custom logo designs.

Johanna would love to share her talent of drawing with your aspiring young artist. She is especially fond of the personal portraits that she made of members from her favorite band The Cringe - John Cusimano, James Rotondi, Jonny Blaze and Shawn Pelton. Do check these out.

Johanna can also transform your cherished photograph into a beautiful black and white pencil drawing suitable for framing.  Take a moment to view the gallery and imagine the reaction when you give an original, personalized, fine art portrait drawing to a loved one.

Johanna is a freelance artist and specializes in multiple black and white mediums, while dabbling occasionally in oil pastel and water color. She focuses on detailed interpretations of creations in nature as well as portraits of people and pets.